Zombie-Fix, A EmaCartoon Inspired Medium Roasted Colombian Coffee

Zombie-Fix, A EmaCartoon Inspired Medium Roasted Colombian Coffee

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If you are a fan of a Medium Roast, this one is for you.  We have chosen the best Columbian beans we could find and roasted them to a medium perfection.  It has a mesmerizing aroma you'll look forward to with every cup.  A nice well balanced smooth flavor profile with hints of Nuts and Cocoa.

Hi! I'm EmaCartoon. I am a variety streamer, streaming everything from games, coding projects, art projects, drawings, and lasering.

First stream - April 12, 2020
Twitch Affiliate - Aug 6, 2020

As for me, I'm an illustrating, coding, graphic designing, prop & model making, laser engraving mad scientist. Located in the deserts of Arizona. Mid-Late 30s. Prone to belt out musical harmonics and movie quotes without warning.

I happen to really like playing creative video games or games with others. I try to interact with y'all as much as I can, but I am prone to hyper-focusing and missing chat. This is why y'all are also invited to join me over voice chat in Discord, but @'ing me should catch my attention, too.

You can Check out EmaCartoon's Stream by following the link below!

EmaCartoon - Twitch