Jinxed, A KeelyJinx Inspired Medium Roasted Colombian Coffee

Jinxed, A KeelyJinx Inspired Medium Roasted Colombian Coffee

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If you are a fan of a Medium Roast, this one is for you.  We have chosen the best Columbian beans we could find and roasted them to a medium perfection.  It has a mesmerizing aroma you'll look forward to with every cup.  A nice well balanced smooth flavor profile with hints of Nuts and Cocoa.

Hi there! I'm Keely!

I am a full-time variety content creator and life-long gamer from Detroit, Michigan, USA. I love coffee, a good conversation and a lot of laughs. I started streaming in March of 2019 and never looked back! I enjoy all types of games, but mainly stream FPS and The Sims 4. I am very musical: I sing, play instruments, and occasionally pen a song or two. I also love movies, reading, binging TV, my family, and even my rotten terrorist cat. My goal as a streamer is to provide an entertaining, positive, safe and loving space for all. Thank you for being here. Let's chat!


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