Defi-Brew-Lator, A Life Saving NucleicNurse Inspired Medium Roasted Colombian Coffee

Defi-Brew-Lator, A Life Saving NucleicNurse Inspired Medium Roasted Colombian Coffee

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If you are a fan of a Medium Roast, this one is for you.  We have chosen the best Columbian beans we could find and roasted them to a medium perfection.  It has a mesmerizing aroma you'll look forward to with every cup.  A nice well balanced smooth flavor profile with hints of Nuts and Cocoa.

Welcome to the channel!

I am NucleicNurse. I'm a Midwestern husband/dad who works as a full-time firefighter as well as an emergency department nurse. I have a passion for people and as an extrovert (where my fam at?) I aim to make genuine connections with as many people as possibly can.

If you're looking for variety, look no further. You will see everything from MMORPGs to IRL to indie to new releases, and everything in between.

I started this adventure for one reason, and one reason only; I want to meet and spend time with as many of you awesome people as possible.

I want you all to know that I'm here for you and will support you in whatever way I can. Don't hesitate to reach out if you ever need to talk. I've made multiple careers out of being a good listener. My ears are always available.

NucleicNurse Facts

I'm 28
I've been a gamer and all-around nerd since I could hold a controller (I started on console but have been on PC for about the last five years)
I have an absolutely stunning wife who will pop into streams from time-to-time (MrsNucleicNurse) and drop some love to the community.
I have a four degrees in the following: music, nursing, data analytics, and fire science.
Other hobbies: Spending time with my family, traveling, music, cooking, disc golfing, curly mustaches, competitive weightlifting, alcohol enthusiast.

You can Check out NucleicNurse on Twitch by following the link below!

NucleicNurse - Twitch